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The 2019/20 Black Crows Ferox Freebird is a new ski for Black Crows, nailing the 110 waist width while keeping the weight down.  The Ferox was born from the necessity of offering a bi-tip, double rocker, powder type touring ski which is still efficient on the edges. This ski shines in the powder and offers a surfy sensation when floating on the snow, but the soul remains alpine and adapts to all conditions encountered while touring.



170.1 - Tip 135mm - Waist 110mm - Tail 126mm

176.7 - Tip 135mm - Waist 110mm - Tail 126mm

181.4 - Tip 136mm - Waist 110mm - Tail 126mm

186.2 - Tip 137mm - Waist 110mm - Tail 127mm


Turn Radius:




1700g @170cm

1750g @176cm

1800g @181cm

1900g @186cm


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