17 K2 REMEDY 102

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Featuring K2’s playful and versatile All Terrain Rocker, this big-mountain ski employs our women’s specific Bioflex core, combining the proven benefits of Konic technology with the female-favorite blend of lively paulownia and lightweight, resilient aspen in the core. Tried and proven by the women of our K2 Ski Alliance, you can trust that the Remedy 102 will hold up to whatever you throw down.

Bioflex Cores
K2’s women’s skis use cores that feature a combination of Aspen, Paulownia, and Bamboo. BioFlex cores are comprised of strong Aspen wood underfoot, which is fused with lightweight Paulownia in the tip and tail using a specific interlocking pattern that reduces swing-weight and provides a smooth-flexing ski.

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